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Thursday, Oct 4th, 2012

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Elma Mayer is the founder of Now Healing. She has taught thousands of people from all walks of life to do effective, instant energy healing - including medical doctors and 6-year-old kids. She's a Certified Practitioner / Instructor of the Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics, and a Certified Practitioner of Matrix Energetics and ThetaHealing.

Elma's mission is to take energy healing out of the realm of the mysterious and make it accessible to all. "Everyone has heard stories of miraculous healings. They are becoming yawningly commonplace," says Elma. "Each of us has the power to perform instant healing. It's not just for saints and shamans anymore, it's a teachable skill. It's easy, if you know a couple of simple techniques that take just a few minutes to learn. Of course, there's lots more to master, but I always love to see how amazed people are when they do instant, effective healing with just these elementary techniques."

Now Healing is an energy-healing technique that shifts the Energy component of any kind of problem or goal - rather than shifting the Matter or Mind component. Energy changes at the speed of light, and many people report quick results, often within minutes.


Elma visited Lyme, Connecticut in 1991, and promptly got bitten by a tick, contracting Lyme disease. For years, she was unable to find a cure despite a positive diagnosis of this hard-to-diagnose disease, and despite treatment by both Western medicine and several other alternative modalities including acupuncture and chiropractic. In desperation, she stumbled upon energy healing. Although she was skeptical, she experienced great symptom relief as well as deep changes in many areas of life. While she notes that a significant part of her healing came from finding a Lyme-literate doctor (LLMD) to prescribe the correct antibiotics and supplements, a large part of her recovery was aided by energetic self-healing.

Studying the work of Orin got her started on the path to shifting energy instantly. She discovered that she could tap into earth's regenerating energy, which she called "The Thing That Heals," for lack of a better term. She also found she had a knack for treating her family with homeopathy, which saved lots of money in doctor bills. Learning the Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics transformed Elma into a purposeful healer, and gave her a proven methodology. Within days of taking her first Yuen Method class, she was healing those around her. On a trip to the zoo, she visited a little lame owl hobbling in its cage. In just 3 minutes of Yuen Method treatment, the owl uncurled its gnarled feet and ran around freely.

Now Healing evolved from Elma's experience in private practice with clients, and teaching Yuen Method. She developed a revolutionary new kind of healing session -- via audio and video (samples are available on www.nowhealing.com). Elma also specializes in teaching basic energy-healing techniques to Lyme Disease sufferers, and guided healing-via-video for the environment - earth, air & water.

Elma is also a composer of art-pop music. She's a mother of two kids, and is married to her favorite songwriter, Brian Woodbury.

Now Healing 101 – Home Study Course

Learn Instant Healing… In Just a Few Hours!

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In this course, you will…

  • Learn how to transform any kind of pain, problem or pattern… with no need to pinpoint the so-called "cause."
  • Learn to shift any issue or situation – quickly and easily – by shifting its energy field. It sounds mysterious, but it's simple!
  • Learn how to use energetic testing to find your disconnects.
  • Get three incredibly powerful Commands, to repair those disconnects… in seconds!
  • Scan your body, organs and systems, and repair their energy field.
  • Scan a space (like your home) … or your thoughts…. or any field of information… and repair its disconnected energy.
  • Align your thoughts and emotions – and no, it's not about positive thinking.
  • Get access to an energy field of automatic healing that's always available.

You'll be able to do it for yourself… and for others!

"I love it… it is the easiest, yet most comprehensive and expansive use of energy ever!
I immediately began shifting energy for friends over the phone." – Karen Cain

"I have never experienced such instant perceivable energy shifts, in myself and others." Sharen M, Marengo, IA


Dramatically improve your healing results, and upgrade your abilities! (Read a case study below.)


Activate your innate healing power! You are a healer, whether you know it or not.
You already have the power to shift energy instantly.


It's a clear, step-by-step course… that gives you quantum leaps of transformation.
Unlike most courses, it not only teaches, it actually shifts your energy field!
You'll get:

  • Activation of your healing power, and
  • Easy techniques that anyone can do, to shift energy effectively.

But it's way more than just techniques… more than anything, it's an energy field of Healing and Wholeness that you can access in seconds.

And it's so much more than Information… it's an Activation of healing, and a Transformation to Wholeness.

It's not a spiritual system, it's simply a system to shift energy. We transform the energy field … of Matter, Mind or Spirit, rather than transforming the physical body, thoughts, or your spiritual life. It's just easier that way!

This is a no-guru, egalitarian system. It's not about following anything, or becoming a disciple. It's not about making lifestyle changes, mental changes or spiritual changes. It's simply about making changes in the energy field of the issue you want to transform. It's so easy!

Now Healing evolved out of Elma's experiences practicing Yuen Method, Matrix Energetics, and ThetaHealing (she is a Certified Practitioner of all three modalities) and also Orin's teachings. She has taught Yuen Method Levels 1, 2, 3 and Now Healing workshops all over Southern California, and around the world via teleseminar. Please note: Now Healing 101 does not teach any other modality besides itself!


    The Home Study Course Contains:
  • The 158-page Manual, with clear, step-by-step instruction.
  • 18 Powerful, Easy Checklists, to transform any issue.
  • 6 Audios of Elma teaching the class, and giving you Powerful Alignments that actually activate your healing ability as you listen.
  • Q & A – In each class recording, you'll hear Elma fielding questions from participants. The Q&A will help clarify, and answer your questions!
  • A Bonus 48-minute Audio of Elma doing the Alignments for you. Sit back and receive the shifts! This gives you a focused recap of all the energy shifts – use it as an instant healing session! (This Bonus Audio is exclusively for the Home Study Course. It's not included in the live or teleseminar versions of the course!)
  • Total audio running time is more than 6 1/2 hours.


Here's what a former Healing Touch Practitioner said, about her practice, Before and After she began using Now Healing.


"I love it… it is the easiest, yet most comprehensive and expansive use of energy ever!
I immediately began shifting energy for friends over the phone."
– Karen Cain

"I have never experienced such instant perceivable energy shifts, in myself and others." – Sharen M, Marengo, IA

"It was simply miraculous in its effectiveness. I started using it every minute. 100% of the time I was able to shift energy to a reality that aligned with positive outcome, WITHOUT being attached to the outcome. I just wasn't able to do that with Matrix even after 2 years of using it. It was almost instantaneous with NH101. My massage/Reiki clients are wondering what hit them." – Pam Ferree, Massage Therapist/Body Worker, Vail, AZ

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I am Now Healing

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Tune up Your Whole Life - because it's all inter-related!

Use this powerful Guided Healing session – over and over – anytime you want to feel better.

These Energetic Alignments instantly shift your whole energy field. They work on your

  • physical body
  • emotions
  • thoughts
  • relationships
  • finances
  • goals,
  • life purpose… and more.

These Energetic Alignments are more than just "healing affirmations." Affirmations work primarily through the conscious mind… which is just a very small fraction of reality. But Energetic Alignments instantly and directly affect all levels of existence — not just your conscious mind, but also the vast non-conscious realms… ancestral energies, morphic fields, energy bodies, meridians, organs, cells, DNA, all the way down to the quantum level and the zero point field.

What You Get: Seven powerful MP3 audio tracks

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Testimonials for I am Now Healing

"I Am Now Healing is an amazing product. This is a brilliant way of healing through your own participation." – Bethany Milton, Quantum Shift Energetics

"I Am Now Healing" is POWERFUL. My symptoms from Lyme Disease are greatly diminished. This is allowing me to do my work and be with my family every day which I was unable to do. – Anna. D, San Luis Obispo, CA

"I am wordless ! This is SO strong, so life changing, so calming!!" – Catharina